Psoriasis, Find Solutions For This Challenging Health Condition!

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World Psoriasis Day 29 October 2024

Inspiring Hope and Empowering Individuals with Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a skin condition that can be itchy, scaly, and painful. So, is your life over when you have psoriasis? Of course not!

I started this site because my illness began 40 years ago and I was able to find relief with natural treatments. You can, too!

What will you find on my site?

Plaques Skin problems

Real life experiences. You’ll find information about all aspects of this condition, the various types of this skin disease, different healing methods, and the best places to take a skin-healing vacation. If you like the sun, you’ll enjoy this section of the website!

The worst thing about this skin problem...

Apart from the physical discomfort, one of the worst things about this unsightly skin problem is the severe embarrassment and the feeling of being a social outcast it may cause.

Has this happened to you? (If so, I know from personal experience how you feel…)

  • You wear long sleeves and trousers to cover up the lesions.
  • You feel uncomfortable at the beach or public swimming pools.
  • You sense that people are frightened or disgusted when they look at your skin.
  • People are careful not to touch the plaques because they fear infection.

The truth is, this illness is not infectious. It is awkward and can burn or sting but, unlike many other skin conditions, it is not spread by touch. 

It’s important for the people in your life to understand your skin condition (then they can relax about it), so tell them about this site! 

And, please… don’t be embarrassed about having this health problem. It’s not your fault.

The best thing to do is to learn as much as possible about the causes and treatments, and try different treatments and self-healing methods – which you’ll learn about on this site – until you find the right ones for your body. I’ll tell you later on what worked for me. 

Dead Sea, Beach Hotel Lot,  Israel

 arm affected

affected Scalp/Neck

 What is psoriasis?

It is an auto-immune condition that has been linked to rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, alopecia, lupus, Sjogrens syndrome, and celiac disease. This is crucial information because all of these auto-immune disorders are also linked to gluten sensitivity, disrupted gut flora and leaky gut syndrome.

This condition is the most common auto-immune health problem in the U.S., affecting almost 8 million people. Worldwide around 130 million.

Scientists have yet to find a medical cure but certainly there are natural methods such as Dead Sea Salt, ultraviolet light, and an anti-inflammatory, gluten-free diet that can make an enormous difference.

The most common type is called plaque psoriasis. It shows up as red raised patches on your skin, with a white coating of dead skin cells.

Your joints can also be affected as in psoriatic arthritis. If you opt for medical treatment, in most cases, your doctor will concentrate treatment on the inflammation and arthritis aspects. Generally, treatment involves anti-inflammatory medications combined with exercise. If the inflammation continues to progress, stronger medications may be prescribed.

In less severe cases, you will be given an exercise program to follow at home. If the disease has progressed, you may need the help of a physical therapist. Programs are designed based on the physical capabilities of the patient. Either way, you will need to start with warm-up exercises, a hot bath or heating pads to help relax the muscles. Exercise will help strengthen joints and should be done regularly.

Currently, doctors believe there is no cure for this type, but that may change in the future with increasing awareness of the effect of lifestyle habits, diet and environmental toxins on health.

Hand and nail with this disease

 affected arm, (author of this website)

affected Shinbone

Is it a hereditary skin disease?

This skin disease is complex and scientists are still trying to determine how much of it is genetic and how much is causes by environmental factors. A child whose parents are afflicted will have about a 10% chance of developing the condition.

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Is there a cure ?

When my skin problems started more than 40 years ago, I asked myself many times… “Is there a cure ?”

I’ve spent years searching for the answer to this question and I have found some real solutions to psoriasis. For my part, I have had the best results with natural products because they are safe to use and do not irritate.

Please join me on this process of discovery and explore my site to find an answer to your skin problem. Because life is meant to be enjoyed!



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