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America's Next Top Model Winner Deals with Psoriasis

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For fashion model and winner of America's Next Top Model CariDee English psoriasis almost prevented her from reaching her dream of being a top fashion model. Now a spokesperson for the National Psoriasis Foundation, CariDee English has revealed that she has suffered from psoriasis since childhood, enduring years of emotional abuse from classmates teasing her about the ugly, red psoriasis plaques.

Revealing in interviews that she inherited her psoriasis and her long legs from her mother, English also states that no one believed in her when she said she wanted to become a model. Instead, she says, family members tried to persuade her to choose another profession. When she received notice that America's Next Top Model wanted her to appear on their show, she jumped at the chance.

CariDee English Psoriasis and her MODELING Career

After the program, English sustained the most awful assault of psoriasis she had actually ever before experienced. Covered with psoriasis plaques assaulting 70 percent of her physical body, she needed to quit modeling in order to discover a therapy strategy that would certainly ease the signs and symptoms, as previous drugs as well as lotion were not minimizing this outburst. 

"It was horrendous," English stated of the psoriasis strike. You utilize them all the time to deal with total unfamiliar people, like handing cash over at the grocery establishment or conference a person for the initial time with a handshake.".

English lastly discovered alleviation when she called Dr. Paul Yamauchi, a L.a psoriasis professional, that provided her shots of Stelara, a medicine consisted of detoxified artificial healthy proteins converted into fluid type.


Unlike commonly used cortisone-based treatment for psoriasis, Stelara is not a steroid but works as a therapeutic biologic that assists the immune system in attacking psoriasis. By inhibiting proteins IL-12 and IL-23, which researchers are certain plays a pivotal role in psoriasis outbreaks, Stelara has proved to be an effective deterrent of psoriasis plaques in those suffering from recurring bouts of psoriasis.

For CariDee English psoriasis plaques disappeared after treatment with Stelara. Specifically, Stelara suppresses particular cytokines that are primarily responsible for the inflammatory response initiated by the body that causes psoriasis. In addition, by blocking IL-12 and IL-23, Stelara assists T-cells in fighting the inflammation that produced the itchy, painful red splotches of psoriasis.

While Stelara has proved to be effective and safe in trials lasting longer than 70 weeks, some side effects may occur in individuals receiving Stelara injections. The identified side effects include:

  • Infections
  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Redness and itching at the injection site
  • Sore throat
  • Dizziness

Because Stelara interacts with the functioning of the immune system, the potential for any number of side effects exists, varying among individuals treated with Stelara.

Heredity and Psoriasis

With CariDee English psoriasis outbreaks were definitely heredity, although she says her mother does not experience psoriasis as severely as she does. Scientists think that many people, possibly as high as 10 percent, inherit genes that cause a predisposition to develop psoriasis. However, because these individuals with psoriasis genes need exposure to certain conditions triggering psoriasis plaques, only about two percent of these people will eventually develop psoriasis.

Fortunately, with drugs like Stelara and Enbrel, another prescription medication reducing protein production by the immune system, people with psoriasis can manage the disease, prevent potentially debilitating symptoms, and continue with their careers, as Ms. English continued hers.

For CariDee English psoriasis plaques did not deter her from following her dream of being a top model. By refusing to allow the disease to overwhelm her life and finding an effective treatment plan, she is now a much sought after model and continues to appear on television and in high-profile advertisements.


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