Shots for Psoriasis: Risks and Side Effects of Injections for Psoriasis

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If this skin condition is negatively affecting your quality of life, shots for psoriasis can be a huge help in treating the symptoms.

While there are several different types of this condition, the most common is known as ‘plaque’ psoriasis and causes large patches of thick, flaky and often discolored skin that can develop nearly anywhere on the body.

In persons who are experiencing moderate to severe cases of psoriasis, regular skin injections can provide a means to relieve you from the symptoms, allowing you live a normal life.


Candidates for Treatment

Serious side effects can accompany this type of treatment, so shots for psoriasis are not an option for everyone. Persons suffering from certain, pre-existing medical conditions do not make good candidates for this form of psoriasis treatment because the chemicals in the injections have the potential to cause adverse effects in these patients.

A visit to your doctor for a series of test will determine whether you are a good risk to receive this treatment. Pre-existing conditions that would take away this option for treatment include:

  • Aids
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cancer
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C

You cannot purchase the injectable medicines over the counter, as they are available through prescription only. The type of biologic shots for psoriasis you are prescribed will determine how the medication is administered.

Certain brands such as the popular Humira can be self administered at home, while a licensed physician must administer stronger versions.

You can self inject at home the medications that are considered less aggressive and are easily injected at a shallow level, just under the skin.

Medical professionals however must give those that are injected into the large muscle groups of the body, which is a much deeper injection point.

Potential Side Effects of Shots for Psoriasis

Localized shots for psoriasis have an excellent success rate for those using them to treat their moderate to severe cases of plaque psoriasis. As with any medication, however, certain risks and side effects are possible.

If you are undergoing this type of treatment and experience any unusual conditions or symptoms it is imperative that you contact your physician at once to prevent potentially serious medical complications.

  • Worsening of the skin – This includes new areas of plaque and development of puss--filled bumps, a sign of progression of the severity of your already existing condition.
  • Blood Issues – This may present as bruising, bleeding easier than normal or showing up as bruises that do not heal as quickly as they should.
  • Allergic reactions to the injections – This will likely showcase itself as localized swelling of the injection site or to the face, lips, eyes or mouth. It may also cause hives and possibly labored breathing.

Further Potential Risks

Along with the minor side effects listed above certain people may experience a development of severe medical complications. Conditions that have been reported in association with this medication include:

  • Serious infections including tuberculosis and other infections that are caused by viruses, bacteria and fungus
  • The development of hepatitis B in patients who carry the virus
  • Liver problems
  • Severe immune system reactions
  • Potential heart failure

Affordability of Treatment

Shots for psoriasis tend to be expensive, especially if you are paying for the bulk of the costs out of pocket. A year’s worth of treatment can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars, which is not typically an affordable expense unless medical insurance covers some if not all the cost.

Unfortunately, as other, less expensive psoriasis treatments are available, not all medical insurance providers cover the use of injectable medicines.

Check with your carrier about your policy coverage to see if they will assist you with the cost and how much of the expense you will be required to cover on your own.

If you have not had the success you are looking for with less aggressive forms of treatment, shots for psoriasis are an excellent option for those looking to find relief from the sometimes embarrassing and debilitating symptoms that accompany this skin condition.

You should consult your doctor to discuss treatment options, and if the less invasive treatment is not working perhaps you should consider the injection treatments.



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