Psoriasis Medications Include Lotions, Creams, Injections and Drugs

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Psoriasis medications offer relief from symptoms affiliated with this ailment but unfortunately, doctors have yet to find a cure. Still, many different remedies exist as well as a variety of application methods, allowing you to find the combination of medicines right for your type of psoriasis and the symptoms with which it is associated.

Alternatively, if you prefer natural to synthetic, many herbal and holistic medicines are also available.

Types of Psoriasis Medications

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Ointments provide the most relief and are the most common of all the psoriasis medications. These topical creams help psoriasis sufferers by reducing inflammation, redness or itchiness as well as irritation and swelling. The creams allow you to treat your symptoms with fewer side effects than an oral medication and take affect almost immediately.

Some of the creams your doctor might prescribe to alleviate your psoriasis symptoms include:

  • Elocon
  • Humira
  • Clobex
  • Deltasone
  • Proctosol
  • Stelara

Before trying any of these medications make sure your doctor is aware of any allergies you to which you might be prone. You should also be aware of the side effects of the topical cream you are using so you know what to look for should you have a bad reaction.


The pills used to treat psoriasis tend to be more effective and have a greater potency than the topical creams. However, the side effects might be more severe, such as liver damage, especially if you consume alcohol while taking oral psoriasis medications. Some of the common and highly effective pills prescribed by doctors can include:

  • Soriatane, or a very high dose of vitamin A
  • Methotrexate, the most common prescription pill for psoriasis
  • Neoral, has good results but many side effects
  • Ciclosporin, another oral medicine with bad side effects
  • Remicade, safe but expensive

In addition to these medicines, a newer one, ISA247, made its way into the market in the last couple of years and shows a lot of promise. Research conducted proves the drug alleviates psoriasis symptoms and the severity of outbreaks by 75 percent. Doctors expect the available remedies to further improve over time as scientists conduct more research and medical technology advances.

Hygiene Products

In addition to the many oral and topical creams available to treat psoriasis, you may also opt to use medicated cleansing products. You can find a variety of medicated shampoos, conditioners, soaps, body washes and scalp treatments over the counter at your local drug store or by visiting a medical supply store.

In some cases, prescription body care and hair products are available but would be included in the treatment plan upon which you and your doctor decide. Additionally, many of these medicated treatments also have herbal and natural products in them, such as Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil, which soothe the psoriasis symptoms and provide a nice fragrance.

Herbal Remedies

Not everyone wants to take psoriasis medications and others want to supplement some of their treatments with more natural remedies to avoid the harsh side effects often associated with prescriptions. Some of the simplest natural treatments you can try include bathing in sea salts, staying in warm temperatures and eating a healthy diet of vitamin rich foods. Herbal supplements, often in the form of tea, might also aid in relieving symptoms or delaying outbreaks. Homeopathic remedies may also help.

Although natural, it is important to check with your doctor before taking anything because some natural products have a negative interaction with certain medications. For instance, people on certain heart or blood pressure pills cannot eat too much grapefruit, despite its antioxidant powers and large supply of vitamin C.

No one wants to take psoriasis medications, especially in the beginning when you are trying to figure out what works, but this is the best way to treat this ailment. Just remember to check with your doctor, report any side effects, stick to your treatment plan and maintain a positive attitude.

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