A Psoriasis Injection Treatment for Psoriasis Unresponsive to Other Treatments

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Doctors will usually reserve a psoriasis injection treatment for the patient who has a severe form of the condition or who has proven to be resistant to less intrusive treatments such as creams and sunlight therapy.

While the drugs used in injection treatments pose no inherent risk, the injection itself is the main problem.

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Individuals either need to see their medical professional routinely, which could set you back a tiny ton of money, or discover ways to infuse themselves, which has its very own issues. The straight technique of obtaining the medicines right into your system makes them quite reliable as well as could aid you check outcomes in merely a couple of weeks.

Psoriasis Injection Treatment Drugs

Synthetic Injection Drugs

The majority of injectible drugs that can be used to treat psoriasis are man-made and target specific aspects of your immune system that cause the additional skin cell creation. The most common synthetic psoriasis injection treatment drugs are:

  • Retinoids – This slows down new skin cell production, but the treatment is only as good for the length of time of the injections. Once you stop injecting with retinoids, your psoriasis symptoms will return. It is incredibly effective at stopping cell production, which can cause dry skin in areas not affected by psoriasis, so you will have to use some sort of moisturizer if you are taking retinoids.
  • Methotrexate – Injecting methotrexate affects the part of your immune system responsible for the inflammation of infected areas of your skin by slowing down the whole process. This drug usually is prescribed for those who suffer a lot of itching and need immediate relief through injection. It can cause liver damage and anemia in some people and is not prescribed to anyone who has any history of liver disease.
  • Hydroxyurea - This drug works in a very similar way to methotrexate, although slightly less effective it carries less side effects. It is compatible with light therapy and the combination can be very effective for severe cases of psoriasis. It can cause low red blood cell count and will not be given to pregnant women or couples trying to conceive.


Some of the biggest developments in psoriasis injection treatment drugs are biologics, that is, drugs made from human or animal proteins that treat the symptoms of psoriasis. They are not homeopathic treatments for psoriasis as the biologics undergo the same strict drugs testing as any synthetic compound. They do have less side effects than their synthetic counterparts, but not everyone will respond to them. The most common biologics prescribed for patients are:

  • Humira – Humira works by blocking your immune system from sending inflammation messages to affected areas. It requires weekly injections, which you can administer yourself.
  • Amevive – A doctor must inject this drug as it is possible to do damage if you inject it into a vein or artery. The initial course of treatment lasts for 12 weeks, after which you observe the effects of the drug on your symptoms.
  • Enbrel – Enbrel treats psoriasis arthritis and blocks interactions that cause your body to produce too much fluid around the joints, which causes inflammation. If you have an infection or a condition like diabetes that makes you more susceptible to infections, you cannot treat with Enbrel.

You can only get these drugs through prescriptions from professionals, and they will want to explore all other options before resorting to a psoriasis injection treatment. If the doctor does not explore less invasive options first, you should insist that they do. Then, when you and your doctor determine the severity of symptoms leave you no other options, you can ask if the doctor will perform the injections or if you can inject yourself depending on your comfort levels with needles.



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