Mild Psoriasis Treatment Creams and Medicated Ointments

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Mild psoriasis treatment consisting of prescribed or over-the-counter topical creams is required if psoriasis patches cover less than three percent of the body. If more than three percent but less than 10 percent of the body has psoriasis lesions, a doctor will determine this as a moderate case and prescribe treatments that may be more aggressive in nature.

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Quotes report that 8 from 10 individuals have moderate psoriasis, while the various other 2 will certainly experience modest to extreme psoriasis. The severity of a psoriasis break out not just depends on the portion of skin influenced yet additionally where the psoriasis is situated.

Clients with psoriasis spots on their legs or backs might not endure as high as individuals that have sores on their feet as well as hands, considering that we utilize our feet and also hands for daily jobs as well as job.

For separated spots of psoriasis, moderate psoriasis therapy contains different over-the-counter lotions as well as lotions, in addition to some prescription topical drugs.

Mild Psoriasis Treatment Creams

Ointments Containing Salicylic Acid


In addition to treating mild cases of psoriasis, salicylic acid also heals acne and various skin issues such as corns, warts, calluses and dandruff. Belonging to a type of medication referred to as keratolytic, salicylic acid reduces swelling and redness associated with psoriasis while also softening the thick, scaly lesions for easy removal.

Patients apply salicylic ointments to psoriasis patches several times daily or several times each week, depending on the strength of the cream.

When initially applying salicylic acid to irritated skin, psoriasis patches may worsen slightly before improving due to the skin's chemical make-up adjusting to the potent acid. Report to your doctor any side effects other than minor skin irritation or stinging at the area on which you applied the ointment.

On rare occasions, salicylic acid may cause dizziness, hearing loss, vomiting and fast breathing in persons experiencing an allergic reaction or using too much salicylic acid.

Names of some common ointments containing salicylic acid that are used for mild psoriasis treatment are Salex® Cream and Lotion, Akurza® Cream and Lotion and Neutrogena products.

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Ointments Containing Steroids/Corticosteroids

Steroidal skin creams meant to heal psoriasis, acne and other skin irritations are made from corticosteroid hormones released by adrenal gland activity. The corticosteroids play an important role in managing inflammatory responses within the human body by reducing redness, swelling and pain of inflamed areas.

Steroids are available in seven different strengths, with a Class 7 steroid considered "least potent" and a Class 1 steroid "superpotent.” A Class 1 or 2 steroidal cream is usually effective, when used as a mild psoriasis treatment.

Topical steroid ointments should not be applied to psoriasis patches for more than three weeks unless under a doctor's supervision. Patients should not stop applying steroid cream suddenly but gradually lessen the amount applied each day to prevent a possible psoriasis flare-up.

In addition, steroids should never be used near the eyes. Consistent exposure of eye membranes to creams containing steroids may cause cataracts and exacerbate an existing glaucoma condition.

Using topical steroids for an extended amount of time may facilitate bruising, affect skin pigmentation and cause stretch mark-like scars on the skin.

Ointments Containing Coal Tar

As one of the oldest remedies for mild psoriasis treatment coal tar is a common ingredient in medicated shampoos, lotions and creams meant to alleviate itchy, scaly, red skin. Coal tar is what remains after coal is processed and distilled. Scientists are not sure but they think coal tar works to heal psoriasis symptoms by tampering with DNA synthesis in a way that slows down rapid cell growth indicative of psoriasis.

Crude coal tar and a coal tar solution containing 20 percent alcohol can also be mixed with steroid ointments and creams that not only relieve psoriasis but dandruff, dermatitis and eczema as well.

The FDA regulates the amount of coal tar allowed in any solution, with 5 percent or more coal tar considered carcinogenic by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Very few over-the-counter shampoos or creams contain 5 percent coal tar, with most containing less than 3 percent.

Other mild psoriasis treatments include bath solutions that provide a soothing blend of moisturizers, oatmeal or Dead Sea salts, which loosen thick psoriasis scales for easy removal. Additionally, when itching is the main problem of a mild case of psoriasis, creams containing hydrocortisone, menthol or camphor will help to reduce the urge to over-scratch the area and worsen psoriasis patches.



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