Herbs Psoriasis: Herbal and Natural Treatments for Psoriasis

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Herbs psoriasis might be a helpful alternative, if you tried everything else, or just prefer a less invasive form of treatment. A number of natural elements are available at various locations, from supermarkets to organic stores to retailers that specialize in natural herbal remedies. You might be skeptical but these treatments, like other forms of healing, are successful in some people; it is just a matter of what works best with your body.

Understand Why the Dead Sea is Beneficial for Psoriasis

Specific Herbs Psoriasis

Milk Thistle


This particular herb has the power to benefit your body in several ways, both in general and with regards to psoriasis. Its key feature is inhibiting T-cell activation, a part of the immune system that fights off infection.

If your body is constantly killing off cells that are already dying at a rapid rate, the result is an increase in inflammation, pain, redness and dryness. Depending on the type of psoriasis you have, this probably sounds a lot like your symptoms.

In addition to assisting in the reduction of T-cells, milk thistle also helps slow the reproduction of cells in general, as both are key contributors to psoriasis and its often-uncomfortable symptoms.

Herbs from the Orient

The Chinese are famous for their all-natural treatments, so it is no surprise they have a long list of herbs psoriasis. Some of the treating herbs include:

  • Licorice - not the candy
  • Red Rooted Sage
  • Chinese Foxglove
  • Peony
  • Chinese Dittany

In general, most Chinese herbs psoriasis lower or eliminate your chance of infection and inflammation. If you prefer a more common herb from the orient, green tea helps to detoxify the body, thereby boosting immunity.

From the Depths of the Ocean

You might already know that fish oil is good for you and that a variety of claims suggest it aids in heart disease, cancer and yes, psoriasis. However, you may not be familiar with shark cartilage extract, a natural remedy with similar anti-inflammatory powers as the herbs psoriasis.

The outcome could be the exact same, or also comparable to that of natural herbs, it happens with a totally various procedure, which generally includes quitting blood vessels from creating. This would in theory quit the swelling, reddening as well as, at the minimum, slow-moving cell advancement. This organic, high healthy protein essence could additionally create harm, making it optimal just for temporary usage as well as with the authorization of a health and wellness treatment specialist.

Topical Skin Care


Any topical ointment has the ability to irritate your psoriasis and cause the affected area flare up, making herbal creams a good place to start, as they tend to be milder. Some of the lighter scented and soothing herbs found in creams include lavender, calendula, St. John's Wart and tea tree oil. You may also opt to include herbal tea body washes in your daily hygiene regimen, as the gentle and natural ingredients can create softer skin, possibly eliminating the dry scales and flakes.

Adding moisture to your skin may also reduce itching and inflammation by soothing the area, a feat you can easily accomplish with herbal oils made from chamomile, neem leaf, barberry or andiroba. Some of these items could prove difficult to find, especially if you live in a remote area, so searching the Internet or even learning how to make your own herbal treatments might serve as helpful options.


Often times, stress enhances the symptoms of psoriasis because of the body's internal chemical reactions. It is not always easy to avoid stress but some herbs, such as valerian root and primrose oil, can help you to relax and alleviate inflammation.

Psoriasis is a tricky, temperamental ailment that has no cure but a variety of successful treatment options. Each treatment, including herbs psoriasis, should always accompany the approval of a medical professional, as undesired results may occur. However, if you remain optimistic and open your mind to the assortment of treatments available, you have a good chance of reducing outbreaks and minimizing symptoms.



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