Pictures of Psoriasis

World Psoriasis Day 29 October 2024

Inspiring Hope and Empowering Individuals with Psoriasis

6 pictures of diff. psoriasis

Understand Why the Dead Sea is Beneficial for Psoriasis

Image one top left is Plaque Psoriasis, showing reddish, scalle patches of skin often covered with silvery cales. 

Image two focuses on Gutatte Psoriasis with small dot-like lesions. 

Image threee illustrates Pustular Psoriasis, showing widespread redness with small white or yellow pustules. 

Image four (row below) represents inverse psoriasis, focussing on smooth red patches in skin folds. 

Image five (row below) represents Eyrythrodermic Psoriasis. illustrating intense redness and shedding of scales in sheets. 

Image six (row below) psoriatic artritic.