Psoriasis Cause

World Psoriasis day  29 octobre 2023

As many sufferers will know, there is no one single identifiable psoriasis cause though many different theories abound. What is known is that it has something to do with the body's immune system which overreacts to a stimulus causing skin cells to multiply at almost five times the normal rate. These extra cells don't slough off like regular skin but build up in one place cause sores, itchiness and pain.

Different Triggers

Psoriasis Cause

Psoriasis on the ellbow

Each psoriasis source will certainly differ from client to person, and also it's approximated that at the very least 10 % of the populace in America have the hereditary comprise that would certainly make them prone to the condition. Just 3 % or so in fact have psoriasis, as well as this has actually led numerous scientists to think that for a psoriasis source to be determined, they have to look at ecological triggers.

The triggers that have actually been medically looked into and also recorded consist of:

Skin Injury

Plaque build up as a result of skin injury is the most common psoriasis cause out there.

Any injury requires time to heal and skin damage often fails to heal with the same strength and blood supply as internal injuries. This then results in "confused" skin cells that can become activated to over-reproduce which will further aggravate the affected area.

In medical terms, psoriasis as a result of skin injury is referred to as the Koebner effect and can be treated quickly and effectively if it's caught in time.


All infections affect the immune system and anything that reduces the body's immune response can trigger a psoriasis attack. This can be as simple as a small case of septicemia from an unclean all the way to a stomach bug.

However, the most common infection that triggers psoriasis is strep throat, but the reasons for this are still uncertain.

Psoriasis sufferers will be well advised to keep their vitamin C levels high and keep clear of people with contagious illnesses like strep throat or the flu.


While stress doesn't necessarily cause psoriasis to happen for the first time, it can be a key factor for further flare ups in cases where plaque has already taken hold.

Stress causes the body's natural energy levels to decrease as more energy is consumed by the brain to try and resolve the constant strain.

These reduced energy levels cause the immune system to become dampened which in turn fails to prevent the skin cells from reproducing.

Daily relaxation and meditation have all been shown to be effective at reducing psoriasis flare ups and those patients who have been able to allow someone to touch the affected areas for extended periods of time have found that massage can also help relieve some of the symptoms.

Medication Triggers

Alongside environmental triggers, psoriasis can also be caused as a side effect to some different medications. You should be extra careful if you take any of the following:

  • Inderal - the most recent research shows that Inderal, out of all beta blocker medicine, can have a serious impact on psoriasis sufferers with around a quarter of patients experiencing flare ups when on the drug. Other medicines designed to reduce high blood pressure can also affect the symptoms.
  • Lithium - almost a half of people who take lithium as a mood stabilizer suffer plaque build up almost immediately after the start of the medication. However, it tends to only affect people who have had the disease before or who are more prone to flare ups.
  • Antimalarials - you'll only take these if you travel to equatorial regions, but most of the major brands can cause plaque build up after 2 or 3 weeks, so you should consult your physician before starting.

Keeping a diary of flare ups can help you and your medical team find the most likely psoriasis cause and you can then start work to avoid the biggest triggers.



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