Searching for a Home Remedy for Scalp Psoriasis   

World Psoriasis day  29 octobre 2023

The search for a home remedy for scalp psoriasis can take you all over the home, from the kitchen, to the bathroom, and even out in the garden. The trouble is finding one that works for you, without making the issue worse.

From the Kitchen Home Remedy for Scalp Psoriasis

You might be surprised at the different food items in your pantry or refrigerator that have been found to provide relief for scalp psoriasis.

  • Plastic wrap – while applying plastic wrap by itself isn’t going to do any good, you should have a couple of rolls handy because almost every home remedy for psoriasis, scalp or otherwise, recommends that after applying the remedy-of-the-day, that you wrap the area in plastic wrap. This holds in moisture and helps the skin absorb the treatment. Just beware of leaving the plastic wrap on so long that excess moisture builds up causing secondary problems. Of course, how you’re going to wrap your whole head in Saran Wrap is your challenge and we’ll leave you to it.
  • Olive oil – Warm up some olive oil and gently massage it into your scalp. It will help soften the scales and make them easier to remove. Follow up with your normal shampoo.
  • Baking soda – Mix 1/2 a cup of baking soda in a gallon of water. Then use a wash cloth dipped in the solution to gently massage into your scalp.

From the Bathroom Home Remedies for Scalp Psoriasis

Some of these may come as a real surprise, but most of these were shared by people who actually use them and swear by their effectiveness. As the saying goes, “it can’t hurt”…or maybe just a bit.

  • Original (gold) Listerine – Yep! The mouthwash. Wash your hair in your choice of shampoo (this person recommended a T-Gel type of shampoo), then after rinsing pour one or two capfuls of the golden liquid over your wet head. You can rinse it off after a few minutes, and don’t be surprised if you experience a bit of a tingling sensation. Dry and style your hair as normal.
  • Vicks Vapor-Rub – Don’t knock this home remedy for scalp psoriasis until you try it. This person swears by massaging the mentholated chest rub into the scalp, then covering with a shower cap (or the ever-handy kitchen plastic wrap), and leaving on for several hours or even overnight. Warning: it can be difficult to remove the greasy substance from your hair, but you might want to try it on those stubborn scalp plaques.

From the Garden Home Remedy for Scalp Psoriasis

We shouldn’t be surprised that nature provides some of the best home remedies for all types of psoriasis, whether its milk, or aloe vera juice, plant essential oils, or some fruit or vegetable picked from the garden. Here’s one that’s a combination of bathroom medicine cabinet and garden.

  • Vitamin D and Sunshine – Take a combination of quality vitamin D and zinc supplements as directed. However, the person who shared this remembered something learned in a college biology class. One needs exposure to the sun to act as a catalyst to your body being able to use the vitamin D supplement. Without the sun, the vitamin D supplement is going to just pass right through your body without making a bit of difference. You only need about 15-20 minutes of sun exposure a day, and the area of skin exposed to the sun can be anywhere on your body; not necessarily where you have the psoriasis.

Probably one of the most effective, long-lasting home remedy for scalp psoriasis is a change in diet. Since psoriasis is often an auto-immune issue, many people have found that simply eliminating certain foods (gluten, sugar, dairy, etc) from their diet has totally cleared up their psoriasis. To learn more about healing auto-immune disorders with diet, check out the AIP (auto-immune paleo) diet, also known as the Elimination diet. 



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