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About Us/ME

-Hi, I‘m Albert B., and I want to share my psoriasis story with others affected by this skin condition. I chose to dedicate my website to psoriasis, its causes and treatments and other information you might find helpful about this skin condition, after suffering with the disease for 40 years. I would also like to share my positive and negative experiences with psoriasis in the hopes of helping others through their emotional and physical battle; hence, my psoriasis story begins.

For a long time, I have been playing with the idea of building a website about psoriasis but did not have the time or knowledge to implement my idea. Gradually, I began to research information via the Internet and found SBI, a website building system perfect for someone like me, with no experience in creating a website. 

So, at the end of 2010, I retired and began to create my website devoted to psoriasis while basking in the Caribbean sun. The warm island sun and salty sea provide a natural remedy to help me live comfortably with my psoriasis, and in a few months my wife and I are going to Switzerland to search for other natural antidotes. About Us

I am telling you this because I intend to share my Caribbean and Swiss experiences with you in the hopes of assisting you in battling the red, scaly patches residing on your skin. I am in no way a psoriasis guru or a doctor; rather, I am a simple guy with psoriasis, like the other 80 to 120 million people worldwide affected by this disease.  About Us

About Us


At the age of 30, I discovered some small white spots on my elbows but dismissed them as dry skin. I applied an oily, common, non-medicated cream from my pharmacy shelves, assuming this would help. I did not pay much attention to the area until the spots began to spread and I became very itchy. 

I've spent much of my free time over the last three years backpacking around the world, and I started to think my skin problem could be a health issue. Shortly after I found the spots on my elbows, I realized I had the same spots on my knees. About Us

At this point, I became worried and decided to see a dermatologist. During my visit, the doctor examined my elbows and knees as well as the rest of my body. He asked if the spots were itchy, as well as many other questions, and at the end simply said, “You have psoriasis. There is no cure for it.” I asked him what I should do, since there was no cure, and he handed me a tube of Dovonex cream and told me to come back in a month. My Psoriasis Story, 

I kept going back to the doctor, thinking that there must be something they can do to offer me some relief. Modern medicine has come a long way, and I could not accept the fact that no medication existed to help me manage the pain. Desperate and disappointed, I began all kinds of treatments, such as light therapy, methotrexate and tar. I tried numerous creams and ointments, some of whose names I cannot even remember, until I became frustrated and decided to do my own research. I then spent a lot of time in the public library and learned a great deal about psoriasis.

Today, I am persuaded that everyone impacted with psoriasis must discover their very own individual therapy by studying and also speaking to their medical professional. In my viewpoint, individuals ought to discover all choices, from all natural techniques to prescription medicines, since what help a single person might not benefit another person. Amongst the lots of therapies I have actually attempted, some made my psoriasis even worse, others not did anything et cetera helped. About Us


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